Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Sirdar Matinee Jacket

Sirdar Matinee Jacket
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This is a little jacket which I have knit for a "just-in-case" present. Sometimes a workmate or friend will ask if I have anything knit for a baby, so I like to keep a few things handy Just-in-case!!! The pattern is from a booklet which I bought as part of a "lot" in a 2nd hand book store. I got about 200 patterns in leaflet/book form, I was so happy. There are some very old Patons leaflets among these, and one booklet devoted to booties!!

The jacket turned out beautiful, although the pattern was a tad awkward, by this I mean that the lace pattern was worked on the wrong side as well as the right side, I like to have a straight row between patterns so that I can have a look at the TV!!!! Anyway, I will probably do this one again because the result was well worth the effort, but not a jacket to knit if I am in a hurry for a quick pressie!!!

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