Wednesday, 19 August 2009


This is Elizabeth - posing in my recent knitting projects. She is well over 40 years old and I believe she was used as a model for babies clothes in a shop window - so she was secondhand when I got her. My godmother gave her to me when I was about 3, so I have known her "all my life". I truly believed that she was a real person and I loved her as any "mother" would love her baby (with tender loving care). I had all the equipment, cot, clothes and a wonderful red and white pram. I still have the pram, which is big enough to hold a real baby. I also have the original clothes, the white dress with flowers in the photo is what she was wearing when I first got her. My godmother and my mother made a layette, including this dress, a petticoat, aran cardigan, gloves, tights and a complete set of blankets and pillow. Was I spoiled or what.

When my own daughter was old enough to play with dolls I tried to introduce Elizabeth to her thinking she would have the same attachment to dolls as I did. I was wrong, Elizabeth was tossed in the corner, naked, and I eventually put her in the attic, that was 8 years ago.
I took her down a few weeks ago and she is just right for modelling my little knitted things.

The Bolero is from a Patons book, the frilly cardigan is a Peter Pan pattern and the blue set is a Sirdar pattern from their Early Arrivals book.

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