Monday, 29 June 2009

Oh My Muckish!!!!

Friday 26th June 2009

Here we are, all 108 of us, at the big challenge!! We climbed this mountain, Muckish, 666 metres, for a colleague who is climbing his own mountain - fighting cancer.

It was a tough climb and climbing to the summit was challenging enough, only to be met by a sea of jagged rocks which seemed to go on for miles. It was like being on another planet. It took me over one and a half hours, but everyone agrees - the "high" that we felt was something else!!!!

Coming back down had its' own challenges, choosing the right path and getting a good foothold. Heathers look solid enough but they collapse like a sponge when stood on!!!!

Afterwards we all had refreshments at The Lagoon, entertained by a group of local Set Dancers - who probably wondered where the heck all these eejits came out of!!

There I am picking my way through the rocks on the summit!

View from the highest point. Wow!

This is the view we met coming towards the mountain, it looks "timid" enough from this angle!!
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