Monday, 23 June 2008


This hat is to match the Sweet Heart Cardigan, I had lots of wool left over and not enough to knit anything bigger, it matches the cardigan perfectly as both have seed stitch border, the pattern is from Ravelry designer Kelly Kearney,
I added a heart motif to match the cardigan.


This is another "give-away" cardigan, and yet another People's Friend pattern. The yarn is aran weight which was nice and quick!! I think I will make mock pockets in future as this is what took up the most time when sewing up. I don't think a baby will notice anyway!! I will definitely do this one again, I was pleased with the shape and the collar sits perfectly.


I knit this little cardigan for a friend, the pattern was cut out of People's Friend a couple of years ago!!! I was pleased with the result, although I had just enough wool to cast off the neck, and I like to be certain that I have enough or else I will panic. The body is a little plain and I had intended to crochet a couple of flowers to make it more interesting, but with no wool the same colour, I decided that it was too hard to match up. The funny thing about this peach colour is that when I put on peach buttons, the cardigan seemed more pink and vice versa. I had to search the shops for an in-between which didn't clash!!!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008


This is a white Emu jacket, although it looks a little peachy. I finished it on 29th May, in good time for the christening.
My aunt asked me to knit this little jacket for a neighbour. The baby girl was small and this is the smallest version of the Emu pattern. The same little girl got the pink picot matinee jacket which was knit for a friends baby, which was a boy, so I'm glad it didn't go to waste!!!