Monday, 23 June 2008


I knit this little cardigan for a friend, the pattern was cut out of People's Friend a couple of years ago!!! I was pleased with the result, although I had just enough wool to cast off the neck, and I like to be certain that I have enough or else I will panic. The body is a little plain and I had intended to crochet a couple of flowers to make it more interesting, but with no wool the same colour, I decided that it was too hard to match up. The funny thing about this peach colour is that when I put on peach buttons, the cardigan seemed more pink and vice versa. I had to search the shops for an in-between which didn't clash!!!


monica said...

These little sweaters are so cute. I love them

Anonymous said...

Hey Lizzy! I LOVE the hat and sweaters. Your work is beautiful!

Lesley Ann