Thursday, 21 August 2008

golden hands no.1

golden hands no.1
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I bought this book in a chartiy shop a couple of weeks ago - what a find!!! Even better I got 3 others as well - no's. 2 3 6
I was so excited, and the shop assistant was looking for €2 each, which I thought was a bit expensive for a 2nd hand book, but anyway I went to walk back to the bookcase when she shouted "OK give me €4 for all of them" I couldn't believe my luck!! I took them home and had a good look through them I decided that they were worth more than she asked in the first place!!! I give lots to that chartiy shop, and I buy some things too, so I don't feel TOO guilty. The books have knitting, crochet, sewing and some other needlecraft stuff, all from the 1970's, some fantastic "Retro" things. I will post anything I make here so you can see what a bargain I got!

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