Friday, 29 February 2008

Cards I Made

I went to a craft class recently, the first week it was cardmaking, here are the cards I made. Usually I wouldn't use stick on letters, as I love calligraphy - but time was limited. The first card is decoupage and looks much better in reality, the flower pots are 4 different stampers and pens used to put the colour on the stamper. The other one is just matching up paper and pictures and didn't please me at all!!
This week I started a cross stitch cottage,
I will post it when I find a frame.
It was my first attempt at cross stitch, and I must say I enjoyed it very much. The only probllem I found was that I was so enthusastic that my eyes got red and sore!!! I will stick with small projects first.
I did find a problem which I think I can overcome. When I finished the cross and was at the end of the row, my needle was not in the proper place to start the next row. I discovered that I was sort of working upside down!!! So being me I decided to start at the bottom of the chart and hey it worked a treat, so from now on I will work from the bottom up!!!

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Lesley Ann said...

Lizzy! I LOVE your cards! That's something I've not done. I'll have to try it some day. I have a few cross stitch projects in progress but I've not worked on them in a while. I usually do that project in the hotter months.

The baby jacket (the white one) is adorable. Do you have to do seaming with that pattern?

Lesley Ann